Crediverse – ECDS

Keeping Subscribers Connected

Concurrent Systems’ Crediverse ECDS is an end-to-end pinless and voucherless credit distribution and sales system for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Crediverse ECDS allows operators to increase ARPU and AMPU by increasing credit distribution through comprehensive dealer networks offering sales of not only airtime, but SMS, MMS, 3G and 4G bundles directly from agent to subscriber. No infrastructure costs, no logistical costs for transporting physical recharge vouchers. No area is too remote for your agents’ network to sell airtime – ensuring that subscribers stay connected to your network.

Crediverse has a small hardware footprint. Integration with existing online charging, billing, mediation and other core network elements provides a robust, high performance, low cost credit distribution solution. Agents can be incentivised to distribute airtime and keep your subscribers connected 24 x 7 x 365.

Benefits of Electronic Pinless Credit Distribution:

Cost Effective Alternative to Paper-Based, or Electronic Voucher Based Solutions

Voucher production, distribution and safe-storage costs are totally eliminated with Crediverse ECDS as there is no longer a need to print on paper or to physically transport vouchers to safeguarded storage areas. In the case of electronic fixed Point-of-Sale platforms, terminal management costs are no longer relevant as pinless credit is totally mobile with transactions initiated on users’ mobile handsets which act as Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPOS) devices.

No More Airtime Stock-Outs

Electronic pinless airtime distribution allows for efficient and swift electronic transfers of airtime to wholesalers and retailers with accessible credit 24 hours a day. Operators are assured that there will never be airtime stock-outs in their respective markets.

Flexible Transfer Denominations

Subscribers can choose to periodically transfer set amounts of credit; either daily, weekly or monthly, to beneficiaries. Being voucherless, subscribers are not constrained by predetermined voucher amounts. Any airtime denomination can be sold according to the subscriber’s cash-on-hand at the time of sale.

Expands Distribution Base

By eliminating the physical transportation of vouchers, operators can now target new subscribers in untapped areas previously impractical or unfeasible to reach from a physical voucher distribution cost perspective.

Provides Enhanced Security

Virtual and voucherless, electronic pinless credit distribution removes all physical security vulnerabilities around theft and fraud. Vouchers and pins cannot be stolen or decrypted.

Improves Customer Loyalty Through Convenient Airtime Availability

Electronic pinless credit distribution affords subscribers the convenience to top-up their accounts with any amount, at any time, through a recognised distribution network of agents who are conveniently located. Fewer subscriber transaction steps improve user experience, which in-turn drives customer loyalty.

Increases Incentives for Agents

ECDS provides granular control of agent commissions, incentives and bonuses, from wholesaler to retailer.

The Crediverse ECDS Solution

Crediverse ECDS encompasses all business processes, from initial credit creation to the final sale of airtime to subscribers. It provides a secure electronic platform for operators to manage a virtual vault of accounts, and build a flexible hierarchy of wholesalers and retailers to meet their unique credit distribution requirements. Wholesalers and retailers have access to USSD, SMS, Smartphone applications and Web channels to distribute credit. Crediverse ECDS allows agents to sell not only airtime, but also data, SMS, voice and combination bundles.

Crediverse ECDS provides an administrative user interface, agent portal, account management system, signalling gateway (core USSD, SMS and location services), and a high performance transaction engine.

The Crediverse ECDS transaction engine provides high performance processing of up to 1 400 000 transactions per hour on a single computer, and all transactions are highly secure with two-factor authentication and account integrity management using IMSI, IMEI and encryption to ensure agents’ peace of mind. Crediverse ECDS integrates with your existing online charging system, SMS-C (optional), mediation, and other relevant nodes in the network, offering a fully integrated end-to-end credit management and distribution service.

Key Crediverse ECDS Features

  • Domain Controller authentication for web users
  • Dual authentication with OTP for financial transactions
  • IMSI/IMEI change detection and lockout, which prevents fraud related to SIM swaps
  • Transactional anti money laundering limits
  • End-to-end encryption and tampering detection on data
  • Revenue assurance reporting
Agent Network Management
  • Management of where, when and how agents are able to transfer credit and perform airtime sales.
  • Configurable agent commissions to incentivise sales force
  • Agent sales performance reporting
  • Wholesaler front office support for basic call centre queries, such as transaction queries, reversals and PIN resets, thus alleviating burdens on operator call centres
  • Integrated workflow for transaction co-authorisations and reporting
  • Balance threshold notifications that warn agents and agent suppliers of low balances
Monitoring & Reporting
  • Business activity monitoring (BAM) provides a dashboard with visual representation of key performance indicators including sales by area, retailer and wholesaler leader boards, bearer channel utilisation, transaction throughput and rolling active agent counts
  • Comprehensive reporting includes sales, deposit, balance check, and self-top-up reports
  • Summary and detailed reporting on wholesaler and retailer sales performance
  • IMEI reporting for handset linked reporting
  • Report scheduler for periodic distribution of management reports
  • Transaction data record integration with mediation
  • Detailed and regular account reporting for revenue assurance teams to monitor
  • OLAP for integration with data warehouse products
Incentive Management
  • Incentivises wholesalers and retailers with targeted promotions, which rewards agents for achieving targets within specific time periods and locations, and for different types of sales, such as airtime, data bundles or voice bundle sales
High Performance
  • Proven 400+ transactions per second (TPS) per node on recommended hardware
Bundle Management (optional)
  • Creates bundles to be sold by agents and sets up commissions to incentivise agents to sell certain bundles to subscribers
  • Allows agents to promote new and exciting bundles directly to subscribers
  • Subscribers can purchase the bundles they want directly from agents, without having to navigate complex USSD menus
  • Bundles consisting of data, SMS, voice minutes or a combination thereof can be sold
Smartphone Application and Web Portal
  • Rich smartphone application that agents use to transact with subscribers as well as each other, monitor their airtime sales in near real-time, and keep track of bonus commissions (Note: Agents using feature phones transact via USSD or SMS)
  • Web portal has the same functionality as the smartphone app, but in addition is able to reset the agent’s PIN, verify transfers, perform reversal transactions, and view performance reports for all agents under the same umbrella
Industry: Telco