Bespoke Solutions

We design, develop and deliver quality solutions specially tailored for your market

Mobile subscribers are constantly looking for new services beyond unsophisticated data, voice and SMS and to satisfy them, Concurrent Systems enables CSPs to deliver new solutions to meet these needs, keeping subscribers activated and engaged.

Our bespoke software solutions are expertly designed around your individual needs. From our vast experience of helping mobile operators in over 40 countries reach their subscribers with unique offerings, Concurrent is the company to use to design, develop and deliver quality solutions tailored for your market.

How You Will Benefit From Using Our BPS?

  • Concurrent Systems has over 13 years’ experience in providing solutions to satisfy over 250 million subscribers
  • We offer comprehensive knowledge of Intelligent Network and Signalling platforms
  • We have solid experience in performing IN migrations –  having partnered with industry leaders, we have successfully completed some of the largest IN migrations
  • We employ Agile software development practices to ensure rapid time-to-market and flexibility
  • We maintain a large library of pre-built and ready-for-use mobile services, which can be tailored according to your needs
  • Whether you need a new deployment or optimise a current deployment, we consistently:
    • achieve great increases in ARPU
    • boost network efficiency
    • cut network operating costs
    • mitigate risks
    • satisfy all our network subscribers
    • accelerate the network’s time-to-market and time-to-revenue

How You Can Use Our BPS?

The following services have been especially developed to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Subscriber Subscription Module – For subscription-based services, we put the power of service-creation in your hands; we do this by orchestrating multiple systems into end-to-end solutions.

  • Friends and Family – We enable subscribers to self-manage a list of telephone numbers which they can call at discounted rates or for free. Subscribers can add, change and delete numbers from this list according to usage limits.

  • Balance Enquiry – We enable mobile phone subscribers to retrieve information about their accounts, such as account balances, dedicated accounts, airtime expiry, and MSISDN – in a single transaction.

  • Credit Transfer Module – We enable prepaid and post-paid mobile phone subscribers to transfer airtime and other credits such as data and SMS to other subscribers.

  • Subscriber Loyalty Centre – We reward subscribers for loyalty and network use by monitoring network events, and triggering the rewards on a time or usage basis.

  • Subscriber Life Cycle Management – Our system allows operators to trigger rewards and notifications based on subscriber life-cycle and account threshold events, for example, anniversary bonuses or low balance warning messages.

  • Configuration Managed Services – Our collaborative approach allows subscribers to leverage existing functionality to realise operator needs, thereby dramatically improving time to market.

  • Call Me Back – This function enables mobile subscribers to send “Please Call Me” requests to one another when they run out of or are low on airtime credit. The service significantly increases voice traffic and provides a mobile advertising platform.

  • Tariff Plan Migration – This plan enables mobile phone subscribers to switch between tariff plans (service classes) that offer them different voice and data services and rates.

  • Third Party Top-Up – Our system enables subscribers to recharge the accounts of other subscribers as a gift or a favour, using voucher numbers; the recharge amount is transferred to beneficiaries.

  • Who Am I – This function enables mobile phone subscribers to retrieve information about their accounts, for example, the account balance, dedicated accounts, airtime expiry, and MSISDN.

Operator and Concurrent Systems Partnership

Bespoke Solutions includes a Configuration Managed Services (CMS) offering: this is a partnership between the Operator and Concurrent Systems because we understand that you need to stay ahead of your competition. Our on-site managed services team will work closely with you to configure the features you want your subscribers to use.