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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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Concurrent Systems is a leading provider of mobile telecommunications services & solutions for evolving mobile network operators.

Since 2005 we have been providing world-class signalling, innovative credit distribution and advanced mobile bundle creation, orchestration, provisioning and
benefit management solutions to mobile operators, in over 40 countries, with more than 250 million network subscriber end-users.

Concurrent Systems has developed a reputation for providing high performance, robust and elegant solutions. Our mobile telecommunication solutions address mobile operator needs helping to grow their network data monetisation offering, increasing margins, enticing new mobile subscribers and reducing subscriber churn.


Concurrent Systems is an agile and innovative company, offering industry leading products, services and solutions in the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Value Added Business Support Systems (BSS) domains space.


Concurrent Systems offers packaged mobile services such as mobile network airtime Credit Distribution, Mobile Bundle Creation (including orchestration, provisioning and benefit management), as well as Signalling & Bulk-SMS Gateway’s


We provide bespoke solutions, expertise and support services to help mobile network operators in developing countries, overcome the challenges of the mobile telecommunications industry.

About Concurrent Systems

Concurrent Systems offers high-performance products, services and solutions in the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Value Added Business Support Systems (BSS) domains industry. 

Founded in 2005, we have grown our customer base in over 40 countries and have reached a subscriber base of over 250 million people throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

We provide various products, services & solutions to mobile telecommunication Service Providers & Operators, in order to optimise the creation of new services, introduce data monetisation capabilities, increase subscriber spend appetite and subscriber satisfaction within their network.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our industry partners to implement a comprehensive range of Value-added Service solutions. Our products include a mobile bundle creation shop front, better known as SmartShop (Link) , Electronic Credit Distribution, better known as Crediverse (Link) and Signalling Gateway(Link) which enables operators to launch USSD, SMS and Location-Based Services.  We have created and deployed various Bespoke solutions and services to meet the varied needs of network operators, especially in developing countries.

Our support and integration engineers and professional services team work closely with our customers in order to maintain good system health on operator sites.

Our success and growth is founded upon solid engineering principles and a company culture that supports and encourages creativity and innovation.

Get in touch and offer us the opportunity to turn your innovation into subscriber activation.

We have a Global Footprint 

At Concurrent Systems we develop innovative products for mobile network operators in developing countries, allowing them to offer differentiated solutions to their consumers and subscribers, maximising on available mobile technologies.

We have a global footprint and we are proud of the volume of successful deployments we have achieved over the past few years and aim to continue to grow our reach into new countries, regions and mobile technologies in the coming years.


Concurrent System offers a broad variety of off-the-shelf mobile products, professional services and bespoke solutions to help operators launch propositions that are well received by subscribers.


Crediverse ECDS is an easy-to-use PIN, paper and voucher-less credit distribution platform.  Operators can optimise and increase the distribution of airtime credit seamlessly across their existing network increasing ARPU. By expanding their reach into previously inaccessible areas new revenue channels and an expanding subscriber base is achieved.  Operators are able to significantly increase AMPU, by reducing operational costs related to logistics and infrastructure costs for physical and electronic voucher distribution. Crediverse ECDS provides an improved user experience with easy accessibility and convenience when recharging airtime, reducing churn and increasing customer loyalty.

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Concurrent Systems’ SmartShop is the link between Operator Innovation and Subscriber Activation, enabling high velocity realisation of marketing ideas. Bundles are speedily launched directly to the subscriber via the mobile shop front.

The operator benefits from first-to-market advantage and the ability to configure a wide range of tantalising offers and promotions monetising data and delighting subscribers with usage or event based renewals, customised promotions and personalised offers to subscriber segments.

The operator can offer alternate bundles when the subscriber has insufficient funds, provide usage-based offer recommendations and allow custom bundles designed by the subscriber stimulating repeat purchases and increasing spend.

Breathe new life into mobile benefits. Gain the edge in the subscriber market.

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