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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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Capture the recharge market.
Incentivise your agents and subscribers with powerful campaigns
Take control of your sales territories with Crediverse SmartRecharge
Avoid competitive price-wars
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Location-based Market-Share (LBMS)

Acquire and maintain market-share using location-based offer and incentive management

Multi-level Tier Hierarchy

Manage your entire distribution hierarchy from the wholesaler to the end-subscriber and define transfer rules between all layers

Agent and Subscriber Incentive Campaigns

Build powerful, flexible incentive campaigns aimed at both sales agents and subscribers

Direct Bundle Sales

Enhance your product take-to-market strategy by offering bundle sales directly through your sales agents

How does Crediverse SmartRecharge™ work?

1. Segment your network

2. Create incentive strategy

3. Map your segments to strategies

4. Observe market response

5. Fine-tune incentive strategy

6. Acquire recharge market share

Key benefits

For Operators

Reduce the costs associated with physical and voucher-based credit distribution, such as printing, transport and logistics.

Incentivise increased recharge behaviour through attractive incentive management for both agents and subscribers

With digital top-up options available for retailers and sales agents, Crediverse provides full control over the distribution network

Increase reach and penetration associated with rural sales incentives and drive ARPU through market-share management and upsell campaigns

Track regional and segment-based recharge and sales trends as inputs into an effective distribution strategy

For Subscribers

Intuitive dynamic menus, available on multiple channels (USSD, SMS, Web, API, App)

Enable payments from Mobile Money accounts, allowing sales agents to top-up on-the-fly ensuring high stock availability

Facilitate anonymous B-Party transactions giving subscribers peace-of-mind when dealing with agents

Give subscribers flexibility in selecting their own recharge amounts

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