Marketing Ideas to Mobile Shopfront

Concurrent Systems’ SmartShop is a market leading, all-in-one, mobile bundle creation, orchestration, provisioning and benefit management shopfront offering a rich and customised subscriber journey. By reducing time to market and boosting throughput of new offers operators can gain a strong competitive edge.

SmartShop’s UNcoded creation of bundles – simply configured using a graphical interface – reduces operator dependency on developers and technical experts.
Orchestrating between external systems, SmartShop provides seamless charging, provisioning and lifecycle management of a range of digital benefits to the subscriber.
Out-of-the-box features can be configured to provide additional monetisation opportunities for the operator.

SmartShop focuses on active subscriber engagement and a personalised approach to subscribers leading to repeat purchases and loyal subscribers.

Be First to Market!

We understand the need of the modern operator to increase the throughput of new bundles and to  gain first-to-market advantages by creating and rapidly launching attractive offers. SmartShop’s simplified and UNcoded bundle creation environment allows for the rapid launching of new offers by combining powerful business logic with configurable mobile benefits into diverse and flexible offers – all through simple configurations in the user interface.
No coding, no call flow definitions, no logic trees.
Gain the first entrant advantage and increase your market share by launching bundles more frequently and faster with SmartShop.


SmartShop integrates to external systems used within the operator network such as the Charging System, Mobile Money, Electronic Voucher Distribution system and other benefit provisioning platforms – deftly orchestrating the charging, provisioning and lifecycle management of digital benefits to the subscriber. SmartShop reduces the complexity of  managing numerous network elements and makes multi-benefit bundles available to the subscriber from the digital shopfront.

The Subscribers’ Mobile Phone Becomes Your Shop Front

Operators take their raw mobile benefits and combine these into attractive offers to suit a wide range of offers meeting subscriber needs and tastes. All bundles are launched directly to the shopfront and are conveniently accessible anywhere, anytime. This USSD menu allows the subscriber to easily browse all available bundles, make purchases, and perform status queries.

Successfully Monetise Data

SmartShop allows the operator to concentrate on designing a winning subscriber journey to realise data monetisation opportunities by providing a custom experience to the subscriber, making recommendations for purchases and stimulating spend appetite.
On-demand or customised offers based on usage  meet the subscriber at their point of need and increase their sense of satisfaction (and loyalty) towards the operator. SmartShop allows the operator to upsell, cross-sell and ensure repeat sales to defined market segments while delighting the subscriber!

Key Smartshop Features

  • SmartShop provides an Application Programming Interface (API) allowing Third Party programmes to interact with SmartShop through the API, creating an additional avenue to make configured offers available to subscribers.
  • API can also be integrated with the operator Customer Care module for richer customer interactions and subscriber assistance.
  • SmartShop includes a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) interface with visual representations of key performance metrics.
  • BAM enables marketing managers to control the entire service-offering process in real-time and to make adjustments when required to improve marketing effectiveness.
  • The visual interface allows managers to populate their screens with their own selections of Performance Indicators for monitoring.
  • SmartShop provides a comprehensive range of reports, including key performance statistics such as daily revenue, subscriber uptake, and subscriber activities for individual and group offers.
  • Improves marketing effectiveness by means of dynamic micro market segmentation.
  • SmartShop assists in increasing subscriber spend through targeted offers to defined market segments based on specific combinations of Class of Service criteria.
  • One size does NOT fit all! SmartShop drives promotion uptake through mass customisation of offers satisfying the diverse needs of segments.
  • Custom benefits are available to subscribers based on usage, individual needs or subscriber class of service.
  • On-demand benefits are available based on available balances.
Industry: Telco