It’s all coming together!

Concurrent Systems’ CoaleSCE provides a powerful service creation environment empowering the mobile network operators to create unique and custom solutions and services. CoaleSCE is super easy to use for service designers and developers.


Mobile Network Operators don’t have enough developers to create the required applications and services in a short space of time. Web developers are empowered to create Telco apps and services using the CoaleSCE Service Creation Environment by being able to access the operator’s core network. Applications and services can be created using standard web development tools, protocols and APIs.

Benefits of Service Creation Environment:

CoaleSCE puts the power of customisation and rapid rollout of new applications in the hands of the operator.

Bolster Legacy Applications

Provides a unified and improved user experience through fronting legacy applications.

Market Differentiation

There are vast generalities in the services offered by operators to their subscriber base. In order to differentiate themselves in the market, each operator seeks to add their own unique approach and flair to ubiquitous services. CoaleSCE ships with an in-built IDE to create fully custom USSD applications and services, meeting the exact needs of the operator.

Boost Subscriber Experience

The CoaleSCE Application Developer (CAD builds interactive USSD menus for any service or application. Each service can be accessed via a dedicated USSD menu or a single menu can front the entire range of services accessible by subscribers. This allows the operator to bring convenience and ease-of use to the subscriber experience, who can access easily navigable menus to manage their full range of mobile benefits.

Subscriber Segmentation

One size does not fit all and operators are engaged in leveraging fine grained subscriber segmentation strategies to personalise offers. With CoaleSCE intelligent and dynamic USSD menus are built, with modules offering services based on criteria such as the subscriber profile or location. CoaleSCE performs dynamic charging and differential provisioning based on a range of operator defined criteria. This ensures that the operator has the power to meet the needs of the subscriber, cementing loyalty, growing demand and positively impacting ARPU.

Simplify Operations

CoaleSCE enables the operator to build new custom services within a single portal. It ships with connectors allowing speedy integration to any third party system such as provisioning, charging, loyalty, CRM, lifecycle management platforms, and orchestrates across these systems. Additionally, CoaleSCE can bring together all the legacy services and applications provided by the operator, accessible from a unified USSD menu interface.

Speed to Market

Marketing initiatives can be rapidly translated to a working application in the CoaleSCE IDE, launched for testing and pushed to the live environment for uptake by subscribers.

Key CoaleSCE Features

USSD Menu Designer
  • USSD Menu Designer can be used to create static interactive and dynamic menus for exposing legacy and new apps created by developers.
  • Enables the creation and rapid update of your USSD portal which allows for discovery of new services for mobile subscribers.
Browser Based Custom Component Creation
  • The SCE includes built-in libraries owned and maintained by Concurrent Systems and allows the Operator developers to create bespoke components for mobile services and apps using the Menu+ Language and standard Connectors provided.
Vendor Agnostic Launchpad
  • CoaleSCE Launchpad is an Operator driven build and release tool which enables the Operator and marketing function to determine as and when menu apps are released to market.
  • As a Kubernetes application, CoaleSCE gets best-of-breed security, like automatic internal TLS, a single ingress gateway, reducing chances of misconfiguration, and limiting who can access the application. The database can be encrypted if necessary
Standard connectors included with CoaleSCE standard for out-the-box use
  • AIR UCIP – Connectors to AIR and Ericsson ChSys using the UCIP protocol are available
  • HuX – Proprietary HuX connectors for Concurrent intra-system communications
  • HTTP/S – An application layer protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems
  • XML-RPC – A remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism
    400+ transactions per second (TPS) per node on recommended hardware
Special Premium Connectors available to connect with selected external systems
  • CAI – Communication protocol toward Ericsson EMA platform
  • CAI-3G – Communication protocol to HLR providing a unified provisioning interface for telecommunication network elements
  • SOAP/REST – 3PP API Integration protocols usually requiring custom development
  • JSON – Standard text-based format for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax
  • Proprietary Protocols such as PCRF, EMM, ACIP – Concurrent software development services may create connectors for SP proprietary protocols
Industry: Telco