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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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Signalling Gateway


Concurrent Systems’ Signalling Gateway is a state-of-the-art carrier-grade GSM signalling gateway that enables operators to launch USSD, SMS, and Location-Based Services.

Our industry leading Signalling Gateway centralises all messaging and signalling through a single node.  A comprehensive set of standard features are included such asa USSD Menu Browser, traffic shaping per service, analytical reporting per short code, monitoring screens for NOC and much more. SGW ships with proprietary and industry standard SMPP APIs for rich integration with your service applications. SGW is a USSD Centre, an SMS Centre for MO/MT SMS and a MAP GW rolled into one!

The Open Signalling Gateway (OSG), is a lean version of the proven rock-solid HXC USSD Gateway, offering unlimited USSD, MO & MT SMS and MAP TPS. OSG ships with a modern user interface, which includes administration, reporting and alarms. If you are looking for a low cost, high performance, feature rich signalling gateway – OSG is absolutely the right product for you.

OPEN-SGW (OSG)                      SIGNALLING GATEWAY (SGW)

  • Unlimited USSD & MAP TPS
  • All OSG features and much more!
  • 5MPS SMS (MT/MO)
  • USSD Menu Portal/Browser
  • Unlimited Short Codes
  • Real time Analytics
  • Arabic & Western character support
  • Transport Layer Security (SSL) Encryption
  • User Interface & summary reporting
  • Intelligent routing & Traffic policy management
  • SNMP and SMTP Alarms
  • Smart  Load Balancing
  • System Health Dashboard
  • Diameter-based charging


Operators can develop a myriad of mobile services for subscriber use, such as:

  • Self-Provisioning and Deprovisioning of Subscription-Based Services – location enriched bundle purchasing and benefit discounts, Self-Care Services – balance enquiries, prepaid account recharging, tariff plan migrations, location enriched airtime and credit transfers
  • Location-Targeted Advertising Services – charge businesses for advertising their services and products such as hotel accommodation, restaurant specials, in-mall shopping guides
  • Infotainment Services – agricultural info, weather, horoscopes, special offers, sports, train schedules, emergency information broadcasts
  • Ticket Booking Services for movies, trains, theatres
  • Multimedia Download Services -logos, ringtones, MMS
  • Services such as Lottery, Quiz, Contest, and Dating Services
  • Mobile Banking and Account Payment Services


The Signalling Gateway enables operators to expand the network’s service offerings, providing flexible mobile services.

The Signalling Gateway has a powerful management interface to:

  • Set-up the routing of mobile services
  • Manage and monitor the routing of services
  • Deliver extensive graphical reports

It provides a simple-to-use service-creation API which enables even inexperienced software developers to easily create mobile services.


Concurrent Systems’ Bulk-SMS is a carrier grade SMS communication platform enabling operators and aggregators to send bulk messages to subscribers.

Bulk-SMS provides a campaign manager user interface, allowing the user to define marketing campaigns, including messages, message scheduling, target markets and sender ID’s for response harvesting. Campaigns including Customer Information services, SMS competitions and Brand Advertisements are simple and quick to launch and manage with Bulk-SMS.


  • Campaign Manager – Manage your campaigns, from message scripting, to target audience and messaging time windows
  • Manage Sender ID – Configure sender ID’s and response codes in order to route responses to relevant applications
  • Schedule Message sending – Schedule sending in specific time windows
  • SMPP API support – 3PP integration via standardised and proprietary APIs
  • Batch file upload – Bulk load your subscribers for message sending
  • Opt-in/Opt-out management – subscriber self care and DND control
  • Diameter Charging – Transaction based credit-control
  • Multi-part and Long SMS Messaging – support beyond 4 000 characters
  • Store and Forward, with configurable retry windows, to ensure successful sending
  • Load balancing across multiple (N+1) servers
  • Comprehensive Status reporting, giving insight into your bulk sending success


Using the LBS feature of the Signalling Gateway we can provide a range of subscriber services using location look-up.


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Click Here to download the SGW/OSG Brochure


Click Here to download the Bulk-SMS Brochure

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