Mobile Operator in Togo selects Crediverse Electronic Credit Distribution System

January 2022

Johannesburg, South Africa – Concurrent Systems (Pty) Ltd, a global provider of subscriber self-care, VAS and provisioning solutions, today announced that a mobile network operator (MNO) in Togo has selected its Crediverse distribution platform to handle the electronic distribution of airtime credit.


“As part of digital transformation initiatives, operators in prepaid markets are re-evaluating the electronic recharge environment as a vessel to drive growth. This is evidenced by the demand we are seeing for smart recharge platforms that offer greater flexibility and control to operators in managing their distribution networks. We are pleased that Crediverse has been selected to fulfil this mandate in Togo and we expect positive returns for this operator” said Damian Burnett, Head of Sales and Operations at Concurrent Systems.


About Concurrent Systems

  • Concurrent Systems, established in 2005, is a leading global provider of high-performance VAS and BSS solutions in the telecommunications space.
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