Mobile Operator in Niger selects Crediverse Electronic Credit Distribution System

November 2021

Johannesburg, South Africa – Concurrent Systems (Pty) Ltd, a global provider of subscriber self-care, VAS and provisioning solutions, today announced that a Mobile Network Operator in Niger has selected its Crediverse distribution platform to manage the electronic distribution of airtime credit.

“We have successfully concluded the migration of our electronic distribution environment to the Crediverse platform. Our electronic sales channel is a highly strategic area for us and it is critical that we have the right partners to ensure the best experience for our sales agents and subscribers” said the operators Chief Technical and Information Officer.

“With declining margins and increasingly competitive market behaviour, it is critical for operators to embrace digital solutions that yield tangible returns. It is encouraging that Crediverse has come out on top as the preferred digital distribution platform in this market and we are eager to see the full potential of the platform realised in Niger,” said Damian Burnett, Head of Sales and Operations at Concurrent Systems.

Crediverse is a PIN-less, paperless and voucherless digital credit distribution platform for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Crediverse allows operators to expand their reach into previously inaccessible areas and reduce operational costs associated with physical and electronic voucher distribution. Crediverse offers a wide range of tools aimed at giving operators a competitive edge in gaining and securing market-share as well as boosting ARPU across all segments.

About Concurrent Systems

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