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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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Java Software Developer

WANTED: Java Software Developer

Concurrent Systems builds software products to enable mobile operators to create advanced subscriber benefit provisioning solutions.
We are seeking a seasoned and highly skilled Java software developer who will serve Operators and Subscribers in the telecoms industry by building quality software that puts the subscriber at the helm of navigating the ever evolving benefit landscape as built by the operator towards optimal fulfilment and happiness.

If you are a match and have what it takes to join our team, review the requirements below and send your application to careers@concurrent.systems

We are excited to chat to you!

INTERNATIONAL – footprint in Africa, the Middle East and Asia BUILDER – has a solid, proven track record of building and maintaining software products
TELECOMS – marketing software to mobile network operators MOVER AND SHAKER – actively codes and works on a wide range of projects, communicating ideas, solution finding, and consistently updating your skill set
DYNAMIC – competitive in the industry via leading-edge innovation (agile environment, kanban, scrum, lean) and thought leadership COMMUNICATOR – shows thought leadership by communicating, mentoring, knowledge sharing, and assisting technical and non-technical colleagues
TECH – is our life’s blood, and engineers are the heart that pumps it OWNER – takes full ownership of all aspects of software products (architecture, quality, user-experience)
PRODUCTS – Electronic Credit Distribution System; Mobile selfcare digital shopfront for network benefits and offerings; Service Creation Environment; High performance USSD gateway and SMSC MASTER – extensive experience that has resulted in mastery of Java/TypeScript/Node.js., operating systems architecture and high performance software
CULTURE – we give our employees a place where they feel at home and they are free to be themselves and excel. We practice Holacracy as a governance method FORMALIST – is disciplined, process-driven and thrives in a structured environment
TALENT – focused on sourcing and retaining the cream of the crop and developing employees and future leaders of the industry INNOVATOR – develops innovative software solutions and works with new and dynamic technologies
SALARY – we compensate competitively for high calibre candidates TEAM PLAYER – teams up with other talented engineers, designers, product owners and other stakeholders. Wants to be part of a team of exceptionally talented, creative, confident, thoughtful people who are enthusiastic about reaching their goals and collaborate to create great things

Job Specification:

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Development of Telecommunication Services in a Unix/Linux based environment, from specification through design, coding, debugging to deployment
  • Effectively using tools and ingenuity to identify and fix defects before they become a problem
  • Working in an agile development environment following Scrum methodologies.
  • Rapidly addressing issues and fixing defects discovered during testing or in production
  • Taking responsibility for software lifecycle management including version control and deployment package creation
  • Demonstrating commitment to process, production and maintenance of accurate design and code documentation
  • Developing and running unit tests to test existing and new functionality.
  • Rendering third line support and rendering guidance material for third party software in a production environment

Minimum Requirements

The following minimum requirements are a prerequisite for applying for this vacancy:

  • A bachelor degree in a computer science or engineering/related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and work experience,
  • Minimum 2 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Developer or Programmer
  • Experience doing object oriented, back-end development using Java
  • Experience doing front-end development using HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Experience with Source/Version control management (Git, SVN, …)
  • Experience writing unit tests for software you develop

Technology Stack:

You will be primarily working with the following technologies and will be expected to learn any technology that you may not already be familiar with:

  • Back End: Java, OpenJDK, Docker, Spring Framework
  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, vue.js
  • Scripting Languages: Python, Bash
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Build Tools: Gradle
  • Version Control: Git, Gitlab
  • Protocols: REST, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Other Tools: Gitlab-CI, AsciiDoc, Ansible

Skills and Capabilities

The successful candidate will possess the following skills and capabilities:

  • Analytical, technical and problem-solving skills
  • CSS, HTML experience an advantage
  • Working knowledge of a Linux development environment, preferably RHEL will be advantageous
  • Experience in designing and developing software applications from scratch
  • Ability to document, diagram and verbally describe the application architecture and design
  • Unit testing of the developed software components
  • Motivated, self-starter, who can work as part of a productive, fast-paced team

Preferable but not essential

  • Experience designing and/or implementing high-performance, highly-available and horizontally scalable software.
  • Experience doing front end development with HTML, CSS, jQuery.
  • Experience with software profiling and optimization.
  • Experience with database schema design, optimization and tuning.
  • Experience with online transaction processing and or online analytical processing
  • Experience with API and Interface design
  • Experience with any of the following software and technologies: Typescript, Swagger / OpenAPI, HTTP, REST, Docker, Spring Framework, Gradle, Maven, Ansible.

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