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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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DevOps Engineer

WANTED: DevOps Engineer

Concurrent Systems builds software products to enable mobile operators to create advanced subscriber benefit provisioning solutions. 

We are seeking a seasoned and highly skilled DevOps Engineer to join our Team.

 If you are a match to the requirements below send your application to careers@concurrent.systems

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INTERNATIONAL – footprint in Africa, the Middle East and Asia PLANNER – participates in the process of strategic project-planning meetings, sharing operational requirements and development forecasts to allow for timely and accurate planning of projects.
TELECOMS – marketing software to mobile network operators DEVELOPER – develops and builds IT solutions, installs and configures solutions and assists with all stages of test data
DYNAMIC – competitive in the industry via leading-edge innovation (agile environment, kanban, scrum, lean) and thought leadership. DEPLOYER – builds automated deployments through the use of configuration management technology and deploys software and upgrades
TECH – is our life’s blood, and engineers are the heart that pumps it MAINTAINER – implements routine application maintenance tasks on a ongoing basis
PRODUCTS – Electronic Credit Distribution System; Mobile selfcare digital shopfront for network benefits and offerings; Service Creation Environment; High performance USSD gateway and SMSC PROBLEM SOLVER – evaluates existing applications and platforms, and gives recommendation for enhancing performance via gap analysis, identifying the most practical alternative solutions and assisting with modifications
CULTURE – we give our employees a place where they feel at home and they are free to be themselves and excel. We practice Holacracy as a governance method TEAM PLAYER – teams up with other talented engineers, designers, product owners and other stakeholders. Wants to be part of a team of exceptionally talented, creative, confident, thoughtful people who are enthusiastic about reaching their goals and collaborate to create great things
TALENT – focused on sourcing and retaining the cream of the crop and developing employees and future leaders of the industry STRATEGIST – provides clear goals for all areas of a project and develops steps to oversee their timely execution

Job Specification:

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing software integrations based on sound engineering principles
  • Creating site blueprint documents for customer sites
  • Participating in proposing site architecture for various deployments
  • Troubleshooting production issues and coordinating with the Support and development teams to resolve the issues
  • Introducing measures to streamline code deployment
  • Implementing automation tools and frameworks
  • Analysing code and communicating detailed reviews to the development teams to streamline code deployment
  • Collaborating with the development team members to improve the Company’s engineering tools, systems and procedures, and data security
  • Conducting systems tests for security, performance and availability
  • Developing and maintaining design and troubleshooting documentation
  • Investigating and proposing technologies and off the shelf tools that can be used by the Company to improve management of application failover, system resource usage and measurement of key metrics
  • Researching and understanding the tools and technologies used by the Company to manage software on production sites

Minimum Requirements

The following minimum requirements are a prerequisite for applying for this vacancy:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or MS in Engineering or equivalent
  • 5-6 years of experience in managing Linux based infrastructure such as RHEL
  • Minimum 7 years  hands-on experience with at least  one scripting language
  • Minimum 5 years  hands-on experience with databases including MariaDB, MySQL and Mongo
  • Knowledge of Java/JavaScript based languages
  • Knowledge of networking within the telecommunications environment will be to your advantage

Skills and Abilities

  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Clear and confident communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Ability to prioritise
  • Action-driven
  • Output oriented
  • Strong time management skills
  • Team player
  • Sense of ownership and pride in his/her performance and its impact on the company’s success
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving

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