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Concurrent Systems, founded in 2005 has grown from humble beginnings to a thriving business employing over 60 staff members.

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All about SmartShop


SmartShop is an intelligent offer creation, orchestration and provisioning shop front enabling the mobile network operator to provide value and custom offers to their subscriber base.  The operator quickly and easily creates exciting digital bundles using a graphical user interface – no coding, no complex flow charts – drastically reducing time-to-market. With the flexibility to launch more bundles faster and more often, the operator gains the first-entrant-to-market advantage and increases market share. All offers available are launched directly to the shop front, driving uptake and allowing subscribers to self-manage a range of digital benefits conveniently from their mobile phone. The benefit lifecycle is automatically managed by SmartShop providing the operator with relevant touch-points to enhance subscriber engagement with customisable messaging.  

SmartShop has powerful orchestration capabilities for dynamic charging and provisioning based on the subscriber profile. The customer-centric focus of the operator is strengthened by  providing a personalised experience. SmartShop features are designed to enhance the value-offering to subscribers with on-demand and custom offers. Micro-segmentation of the subscriber market allows mass-customisable offers to be designed, keeping subscribers engaged and reduces the cost and time of devising bundles.  Out-the-box revenue management and monetisation features allow the operator to configure innovative offers to encourage an increase in subscriber spend and boost satisfaction.

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The operator has a range of raw digital benefits such as data, voice, messaging and value added services available.

These digital benefits are combined in the graphical user interface to package unique offers that meet the needs of subscriber and enhance their subscriber experience. The UNcoding approach of SmartShop drastically reduces time-to-market making new innovative offers available to subscribers faster and more often.

Through simple GUI configuration flexible business rules and configurable monetisation features are combined with the digital benefits to create an attractive bouquet of bundles for subscribers to enjoy. Dynamic offers provide on-demand benefits, meeting the subscriber at their point of need. Intelligent custom offers extended to subscribers breaks the one-size-fits-all mould and boosts satisfaction. Purpose-built revenue management features entice a greater share of subscriber wallet and grows ARPU.

SmartShop orchestrates between various external systems in the operator network achieving coherent management of the benefits provided by these systems in a cohesive offering to the subscriber.

Through orchestration of external systems, SmartShop provides omni-channel and dynamic charging of subscriber accounts. Seamless provisioning of a varied range of mobile benefits to the subscriber is achieved. The full benefit lifecycle is managed by SmartShop, allowing the operator to maximise the effect of each touch point with the subscriber throughout the journey.

All available bundles are launched directly to the virtual USSD shop front. The subscriber can browse for benefits, self-provision and self-manage their digital bundles directly from their mobile phone. The convenience and ease afforded enhances subscriber satisfaction and provides additional opportunities for revenue generation for the operator.

With SmartShop the operator is able to break the one-size-fits-all fallacy and offer true value to subscribers, increasing satisfaction and subscriber spend.


A common real-life scenario is that the marketing team devises innovative bundles that will boost revenues and win market share. Then, the operator watches this opportunity slip away while waiting for the technical team to create the mechanics and software needed to launch the bundle defined by the marketing team. Throughput of new offers to the marketplace is slow. Time to market is long. First entrant opportunity is gone.  Frustration, missed deadlines, disappointment is too often the result.

With SmartShop the software development has been done upfront, providing the operator with an UNcoded product ready to be configured using a graphical interface. The dependency on developers and technical experts is reduced as there is no need to compile logic trees and define complex call flows for each bundle. The system administrator and marketing team work together to introduce the needed elements to launch the bundle through simple configuration. Miscommunication, delays and unhappy stakeholders are avoided.

SmartShop’s UNcoded approach streamlines the introduction of new offers to the marketplace, resulting in greater throughput and a drastic reduction in time to market. The operator can regain the first entrant advantage capturing subscriber interest and revenues.

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